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Thank you so much for visiting our website, noppin.com ! We are coming back in the PINK.
NOPPIN, is a comprehensive shopping service from Japan for people living outside Japan since 2002.
Our service has helped our clients to make shopping easier beyond geography, language and payment problems for attractive Japanese goods as if they are shopping in their own countries.

Based on the accumulation of the know-how and the valued opinions of our clients around the world, we created new website.
We keep the quality of your service but we offer more affordable service fee for everyone.

Please enjoy Noppin's service more than ever !

May 10, 2021
Masamichi Kuge, CEO
Crescent Trading, Inc.

Items we are NOT handling

By Law

CITES (Animals) : Animals under Under the Washington Convention.
Seal, Core of scrolls, Piano keyboards, Mahjong tiles, Netsuke, Bachi for Shamisen etc.
Glasses frame, Pendants, Guiter picks, Hair accessories etc.
Hair accessories (Kanzashi), Figurines, Necklaces, Rings, Earrings etc.
Hand bags, Purses, Belt, Shoes etc.

Many other animals are registered in CITES.

We have a license (Reg. No. S-8-40-00286) to handle those products.
We can dispose those items legally, so we can ship items after removing those banned materials.

CITES (Plant) :
Musical instruments, Buddhist altar, Furniture, Incense burner, Chopsticks etc.
Musical instruments, Furniture, Abacus (Soroban), Piano etc.
Musical instruments, Furniture, Speakers etc.

Many other animals are registered in CITES.


Possession, trading are prohibited. Kitchen knives (single edge) is not included.

Butterfly knives, any knives made for weapons, Guns


Possession, trading are prohibited.

Narcotic and any illegal drugs

Child Pornography

Children who are wearing less clothing than usual, wearing no clothing.

Magazines, Books, DVDs, Photos etc.


Importing soil is prohibited in most countries to prevent pests from entering overseas.

By Shipping Companies


Fireworks, Firecrackers, Ammunition

Compressed Gases

Any spray cans, Butane lighter fuel, Diving tanks, Camping gas, Butane gas, Fire extingushers


Purfume, Lighter fluid, Nail polish, Paint, Hair tonic, Alcohol beverages, Matches, Chacoal, Adhesive, Glue

Oxidizing substances

Oxygen generating chemicals, Peroxide, Bleaching powder/liquid

Toxic and Infectious Substances

Pesticides, Agricultural chemicals

Radioactive Material

We are not handling any Radioactive Material.

Radioactive material on the whole


Liquid car batteries, Mercury

Car Parts

We can handle car parts but some parts are not shippable such as the below.

Airbags, Seatbelt with pretensioner, Wheels with tires, Shock absorbers, Engines

Motorcycle Parts

We can handle motorcycle parts but some parts are not shippable such as the below.

Airbags, Seatbelt with pretensioner, Wheels with tires, Shock absorbers, Engines

Rechargeable batteries

They may not be shipped depend on the countries and condition.

Lithium-ion battery
Power banks, Portable battery charger, Electric Cigarettes, Bluetooth earphone.
Lithium-polymer battery
For Smartphones, For Radio controled toys, For Electric model guns etc.
Nickel hydrogen battery
Eneloop etc.

Neither by Japan Post nor other shipping companies, they don't accept to ship the batteries alone.

If the batteries are installed to the device such as digital camera, Japan Post accept to ship.

But they don't accept to ship the following countries even though the batteries is installed to the device.

France, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Oman, Qatar, Cuba, Vatican, Malta, Monaco, Mongolia
Please contact us if you ship to the countries. We may be able to arrange other companies like FedEx.


Strong magnets, Speakers (Speakers alone)


They even don't accept brand new lighters with no fuel.

Zippo, Oil lighters, Gas lighters, Disposable lighters

Oil heaters

They even don't accept brand new heaters with no fuel.

Kerosine stove, Fan heater and so on.

Cash, Precious metal/stone

They don’t ship cash or precious metal/stone.

By Noppin's Policy

License Required

Alcoholic Beverages, Cigarette, Tobacco, Drugs(excluding quasi drug), Medical Equipment, Contact lens.


We don't handle any food because of quality control and FDA in the US.

Any food, drinks, candy toy (we can remove candy or gum and ship)


We used to handle tickets but we stopped it because the law has changed recently.

Concert tickets, Spports tickets. Train tickets etc.

Model guns

There is a need to do special treatment to ship abroad that we don't take care of.

Full size model guns, Air soft guns, Gas guns.

Swords (Including imitation)

We don't handle Swords, Military swords and so on as special treatment is needed for export.

There is no problem for Kitchen knives and Razors.

Buddha statue

Special treatment is needed. Government's permission is needed.

Intangible items

We don't handle any intangible items.

Downloaded contents, Game code, Serial code

Whole cars or motorcycle

We may be able to handle whole cars or motorcycles if you understand or cost and procedure of the car import into your country.

Real Estate

We don't handle any real estate.


We only can handle items that we can buy physically.

Rental, Hotel reservation, Using other shopping services.

Cash, Precious metal/stone

We don’t handle Cash, Precious metal/stone or very expensive items to cash easily.
We may decline expensive brand-name goods.

Live Animals

Fish, Plant

Sellers who are located outside Japan

We used to accept sellers outside Japan but we stopped.

Seller's who refuse proxy services like us

Some sellers don't like to deal with proxy services like we do.
We respect their idea and we don't deal with such sellers. Thank you for your understanding.

Payment only

We don't have Fund Transfer license.

Forwarding service

We only handle items if you purchase items through us.


Auctions The auction seller is listing before getting the item.

We can handle pre-order items by our shopping service.

Payment by cash only to the seller

We only accept traceable payment method.

Picking up or hand over

Picking up the item at the seller's place.

Swap or Barter

Purchase only.

Amateur videos

Contents that cannot be confirmed or are not sold through regular routes.

Confirmation Required

Items with unclear description etc.

Items that are unclear in the description, not understanding what our clients are buying or against law,
we may suspend or discontinue transactions if we determine that it could damage our clients' interests.
If we determine that there is no problem, we will continue the transaction.

Large items

When we handle large items such as car parts could require special packing material or take longer time to pack,
we may not be able to handle it within our basic fee range. We will make a quote after we talk with our clients.

Storage Limit

Purchased items can be stored free of charge for 60 days.
For items that have passed 60 days, a storage fee of 50 yen a day would be charged.
The storage fee will be settled when you ship the items.
The maximum storage period is 365 days. We will discard the items if it happens.