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We are very sorry to announce again but we have to keep closing our service.
We will reopen our service from May 10th(mon).
(Please read more detail)

News from Noppin !

WELCOME and THANK YOU for coming back to our website !

There are a lot of changes from our prior website Crescent Shop.
We are confident that our clients enjoy our services better and easier !
Even though the system has been improved, our customer service is still here as usual to assist your shopping
from Japan. Please just sit back and relax to enjoy our new service NOPPIN.
If you have any questions regarding our service, auctions or even questions about Japan or Japanese,
please don't hesitate to contact us ! The below is the main changes.

change1 Payment in Japanese Yen, Direct credit cards payment addition to PayPal
Payment is probably our biggest change.
We have changed payment currency from US Dollars to Japanese Yen.
Our clients especially in Europe pay less exchange fee on the payments.
We also start taking major credit cards directly without PayPal additionally.
paypal visa mastercard jcb amex diners
change1 Shipping for Oversized and / or Overweighed items
For oversized or overweighed items for postal service, we start using FedEx Express.
We finally started to ship large car parts, unfoldable fishing rods and even kotatsu table !
Courier Services are not that inexpensive and not easy to use compare to postal services.
By contracting FedEx, we were able to receive reasonable prices.
If you were refused oversized or overweighed items by other services, please contact us.
We are happy to assist you !
As usual, we are using EMS and other postal services for regular size and weight.
ems fedex

change1 Try our new search engine !
We are confident that our new search engine is the best in this shopping service industry.
If you are not satisfied with the search results, please contact us from contact board.
The search engine can LEARN and improving from your next search.
You don't have to go back and forth to Yahoo and our website any more.
You are also able to search items from category lists if you don't know the search words.

We have tried to make user friendly interface by coloring and removing language barrier.
But we are still trying. Your suggestions and opinions are highly appreciated !

change1 Mbok, Amazon search and much more ...
We keep developping new functions on our new system.
The functions coming up soon is Auction Service for Mbok and Amazon search engine.
This new system is made for multilingual. At this moment, we only finished English pages.
We will be updating French, Spanish and Chinese pages soon.
Please check back our website sometimes for the updates !
ems fedex

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