Wallet System

New NOPPIN's web system uses Wallet System.
When you top up to the Wallet, payment transaction fee will be deducted and no payment transaction fee when you pay something from the Wallet.
(Service charge will not be covered this transaction fee.)
Deposit from old website has been transferred to this new website by deducting payment transaction fee.

Payment Methods


Currency: Japanese Yen
Transaction fee: 3.4% + 40 JPY (Deducted when you top up)
Currency exchange fee: PayPal charge you directly
Withdraw: Possible but due to PayPal's recent policy change, they don't refund their fees that they already charged.
We only can refund the same amount as you have in your wallet. (Within 180 days)
If more than 180 days, we cannot use their refund function anymore. We will send you the fund as "payment". You will be charged some fee from them.

Credit Cards / Debit Cards (GMO)

Currency: Japanese Yen
Transaction fee: 3.5% (Deducted when you top up)
Currency exchange fee: Your bank or credit card company charge you directly.
Withdraw: Not possible

Bank Transfer (SMBC USA) For US clients ONLY

Currency: US Dollars
Transaction fee: Depending on the bank you use, transaction fee could be deducted.
Currency exchange fee: 2.5% (Noppin will deduct)
Withdraw: Basically not possible but contact us if you need. Please contact.

Banking Alternatives

Recently, various fund transfer companies have been established, and the fees and exchange fees are very reasonable. We recommend WISE.
It is not realtime. But if you have time, we recommend that you use that kind of services. Please contact us for the required information.
In addition, any service that allows you to deposit Japanese yen into our bank account can be used. Contact us.