General Questions

What is Noppin ?

NOPPIN is a website for comprehensive export service from Japan including Shopping and Auctions proxy.

Is Crecent Trading, Inc. different from NOPPIN?

Crecent Trading, Inc. operates NOPPIN. We use NOPPIN as a brand for our website.

What time do you open and close?

[Business Hours] Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Our customer service is closed on Saturdays and Sundays & National Holidays.
But the web system including auction bidding is available for 24 hours.
We may close our system completely in case of emergency or long absence like New Year’s Holiday

Where is Crecent Trading, Inc. (NOPPIN) located?

Our company is located in Fukuoka City in Japan.

I am French. Can NOPPIN staff speak French?

Unfortunately we only can speak with you in English or Japanese at the moment.


Can I sign up a membership anonymously?

We cannot allow you to sign up a membership anonymously or with a false name.
Payment name must match with the account name too.

Can I sign up a membership without phone number?

The reason we ask you phone number is to provide it to shipping company you use.
It is not because we make a phone call to you. Phone number is not essential when you use Japan Post.
But we recommend you to provide us a phone number for safer shipment.
By FedEx or UPS, you must provide us a phone number or email address so they can contact you before they deliver.

I cannot change "Country" on my profile.

You cannot change "Country" at your end.
If you move to other country, please contact us from Contact Board. We will change it at our side manually.

I cannot change my name on my profile.

You cannot change "Your Name" at your end either.
If you have to change your name, please contact us from Contact Board. We will change it at our side manually.

I would like to change my Member ID.

You cannot change your ID.

How do you verify my age?

Our company is filed as a dealer of adult items at Fukuoka Prefectural Public Safety Commision ( Police Department )
Verifing your age is our obligation to handle adult items. You will have to send a scan of your ID like passport, driver's license.
We cannot verify your age by credit card. You can send a scan of your ID by uploading from Contact Board.
Soon after we checked your ID, we will delete it from our server for security reason.
ID check is one time only. you don't have to provide it from next order.

Is it OK to hide my photo ID face for privacy reason?

Yes, you can hide your face on the ID as long as we can see your name and the date of birth.

I cannot find in my country in the country list. Can not I sign up a membership?

If you cannot find your country in the country list, it is in our country restriction list.

Yahoo! Auctions

On your old website, I was able to bid on auctions up to 3 times higher than deposit amount. Did you stop offering that?

On our new website, we only can allow you to bid up to the same amount as the deposit in your wallet.

I bid on some auctions but I could not win them successfully. Are you still chaging your service fee?

We only charge our fee when you won the auctions successfully. We will not charge you anything on lost auctions.

Can you ask the seller to use the most cheapest shipping option in Japan?

You cannot choose domestic shipping option in Japan from the sellers.
We are choosing most suitable shipping method depending on the shape of item, price and shipping company they can use.

I saw the shipping from the seller was free of charge. But you chage me some shipping. Why?

Even though the seller offer free shipping, we cannot use it if the shipping method is not good for the items.
For example, you purchased very expensive watch or Pokemon card and the seller offered free shipping.
But the shipping method could be normal mail with no tracking or insurance.
When it happens, we ask the seller to use traceable and insured method even if they charge extra shipping.

The auction was not ended within the time and extended many times. Was the seller extending the ending time on purpose?

This is Yahoo's unique rule which does not exsist on eBay. We call it "5 minutes extension rule".
The ending time is extended for 5 minutes when there is already a bidder and another one tries to outbid within 5 minutes.
If the seller didn't choose this function, it doesn't extend at all. If you find "Auto Extension" is "YES" on our website, the ending time could be extended.

Do you accept sellers who live in outside of Japan?

We used to allow our clients to bid on the auctions outside Japan. But on our new system, we stopped offering that.
The reasons are (1) we found many fakes or products that infringe copyright (2) Misleading pricing and shipping and (3) there was a lot of damages.
Even if Yahoo page says the seller is located in Japan, shipping may be from overseas sometimes.
But we cannot know at the time of a bid. As soon as we find it, we will put them in our blacklist so you won't bid anymore.

I would like seller to ship me directly.

NOPPIN always must receive items first, and then ship them to you. If you would like direct shipping, you may not use NOPPIN service.

What is "Cash on Delivery" (COD)?

Many sellers use Cash on Delivery on Yahoo Auction.
It is convenient way for sellers because they don't have to provide a correct shipping charge when they list an auction.
But you don't know the shipping charge in Japan until we receive the package from a seller.
To charge you the shipping correctly, we will update the total amount when we receive the package.

The item I bid on must be a fake. I would like to cancel my bid.

You cannot cancel your bid by any reasons. We don't guarantee authenticity of items at all.

The auction I want to bid is items as a set. But I only want one item from the set. Can you ask the seller not to ship other items?

Within our common sense, we can ask the seller not to ship items you don't want.
Or we receive everything at our office first and we will remove the items you don't need by our staff.

The translation by Google does not make sense to me. Could you explain what it says?

If it is not clear what it says, please contact us from CONTACT BOARD.
But we don't have time to translate every information on the auction. Please specify what you would like to know.
All we could do is just translating exactly what the description says. We cannot guarantee reliability of the information.

I have something to ask a seller. Could you ask them for me?

Yes, we could contact a seller through Yahoo website as long as time allows.
Please understand that we cannot guarantee reliability of thier answer.
We reply you through CONTACT BOARD only when they answer to our questions in order to save time.

Can you ask the seller to add more photos from different angles?

Yes, we can ask them. Please let us know what you need to see in specific.

I was not able to place a bid in time. Could you ask the seller to relist it as nobody won the auction?

We don't ask the seller to relist the item. Please just wait for being relisted.

The auction was ended with no winner. Could you ask the seller for dealing with directly?

We will never deal with sellers on Yahoo Auctions outside their website.

Could you ask the seller for a discount?

We don't negotiate price with the seller at all even though they have a willingness to discount.
If they offer discount because of shortage of items and so on after the end of auction, we will let you know.

The descripion says they don't ship the item. "Picking up Only" Can you help me?

No, we cannot help you. When you find "Picking up Only", that means the item is very large or very heavy in most cases.
The seller don't like to pack the item. Shipping companies don't pick up unpacked items.

Could I bid on a pre-order auction?

We don't handle pre-order auctions. If it is pre-order, our PENDING function tries to avoid. But it is not 100%.
If you won the pre-order auctions, you cannot cancel it. You need to wait until it is released.
Even if it is not delivered eventually, our Buyer's Protection is NOT covered.

The item I received was worse than I expected. I would like to get my money back.

We cannot guarantee the condition of the item. We cannot give the money back,

I am not satisfied with the item. Could you give a bad feedback on the seller for me?

Basically we do not give the seller a negative feedback.
This is because sellers who received bad feedback might give us a bad feedback back or put in the blacklist as revenge.
We understand how you feel but we have to handle auctions for many other clients.

I am very satisfied with the item. Could you leave a good feedback on the seller for me?

Whether items are good or not, we do not give them different feedbacks.
If we receive them successfully, we always set a good feedback, but you cannot designate our comments

Can you ask the seller the "Reserve Price"?

We don't ask the seller the "Reserve Price".

I believe the items on the photo was 3 as quantity. But I only received i from you.

It happens somtimes. But the description and photo could be different.
"Choose one from the photo after the end of auction" "Tell us how many after the end of auction" and so on.
Do NOT judge by the photos only. Read the description carefully before you bid.
If you find something that doesn't make sense, please contact us before you bid.

What is the condition called "JUNK"?

It is a kind of "Japanese English" but English speakers thinks that JUNK means "Useless" or "Trash".
But most of case in Japan, the word JUNK is used for electric appliances or toys.
JUNK means that they don't know the working condition. Or they don't know if it is complete. (No missing pieces)
They just want to say they will not take any responsibility if it is not working, broken or something missing.
If you find JUNK in the description, NOPPIN cannot take any responsibility either.

Can you ask the seller to end the auction early?

No, we can't. Please wait until the end of the auction.

I am planning to bid on several auctions from the same seller. Could you ask them to combine shipment and payment?

For several auctions from the same seller, we ask them for combining shipment and payment if you win on the same day.
However if they refuse the request, we just have to accept whatever they say.
If you win on several different days and prefer to combining shipment, please contact us from CONTACT BOARD
and let us know which one is ended and which one is ongoing. We cannot ask the seller to combine items by just your plan.
Please bid them first and let us know. We just have to follow the seller's rule like they only wait 2 days and so on.

I won several items from the same seller. Do you charge your service charge and domestic shipping cost on each item?

As for our service charge, even though you won several auctions from the same seller at the same time, we charge our fee on EACH auction. Not combined.
For domestic shipping in Japan, if the seller can combine items as one shipment, we only charge you one shipping charge so you can save on shipping.

I would like to bid on a "code" for game. Why not you accept ? I think it is easier for you to handle than normal product.

For intangible things, as an export company, the handling of taxes such as consumption tax will be different than physical items.
Accounting and taxation will be complicated. At this moment, we only handle physical items.

The auction description says the terms is not normal. Do we have to follow the seller's own conditions?

Even if it is not normal, we need to follow whatever the description says when the seller states it clearly.
We find like "Contact us within 1 hour after the end of auction or it is canceled"
If it happens during out of our business hour, we may not be able to help it.

The description says the seller don't deal with "Proxy Bid Services". Would you still help me bidding on the auction?

If our system found a word "Proxy Bid Service" or like, the status of the auction become PENDING.
Let us read the description first. And if it is not trouble with us, we will switch it to autobid mode.
We heard there are about 200 services in Japan. The reason why many sellers dislike "Proxy Bid Services" is, unlike our service, most company ship a package from a seller as it is to their oversea's customer without deleting seller's information such as name, address or phone numbers.
Unfortunately, they don't deal with every proxy bid services if they had a bad experience even with one proxy bid service.

I have my own Yahoo ID. If I bid an auction with my ID, could you take over a contact to a seller and the payment in my behalf?

We cannot handle any auctions which are bid or won with your own Yahoo ID.
If you would like to use NOPPIN service, be sure to sign up our member first and place a bid through our website.

I would like to contact to the seller. Can you give me the seller's information?

We will never disclose sellers' information.

Can I bid on auctions for concert tickets in Japan?

We used to handle concert tickets but Japan law has been changed and handling tickets got more strict.

I would like to know the international shipping cost in advance.

Because of our business nature, we don't have the items in hand. We only can tell you very rough estimation by our experience.
It is very difficult to give you shipping quote before we receive the item. We will charge you actual shipping when ready to ship.

Could you refund me if I win an item which is not possible to be shipped to me?

You cannot cancel an auction you win for any reasons. You are obligate to pay even though the item cannot be shipped to you.
Please read "Items we are NOT handling" carefully before you bid.
We are trying to avoid it by using our PENDING function but cannot avoid it 100 %.
If you have somebody in Japan to help you to ship, we can ship it to them.

Other Stores

Do you help me purchase a store other than Rakuten?

Sure we do !

How do I tell you what I want to purchase?

Make a Pre-Shopping Cart first. The mandatory information are link to the item, You also need to give us size and color variation if needed.

Is there any website that you don't handle?

We can purchase items if they specify their information such as address, name, phone number, email addres, refund policy etc.

Can you pay for the item by Cash on Delivery ? (COD) They only accept COD.

Yes, there is no problem for us by COD. We only cannot accept if they ask us paying in cash in advance.

Do you accept pre-orders?

Yes, we accept pre-orders. You need to pay for the item in advance when you odrer.
The release date may be postphoned very often for pre-order. Even in that case, you can never cancel the order.
Please note that we cannot handle pre-orders on Yahoo Auction.

Is it possible to include pre-order items and regular items in the same one quote?

Yes, if they can ship everything together as one shipment. But No, if they ship pre-order items and regular one separately.items.
We need to separate pre-order items and regular items as different quote.

Can you purchase concert tickets in Japan?

We used to handle concert tickets but Japan law changed recently and handling tickets got more strict.
At this moment, we are not able to handle any tickets.

Can you estimate international shipping charge when you quote the price?

We only can give you rough estimation by our experience. But very difficult to give you exact shipping quote as we don't have the item in hand yet.

I would like you to subscribe FUNCLUB for me. Is it possible?

We cannot help you funclub subscriptions.

Do you accept lottery orders?

No, we do not handle any lottery orders.

The item I want seems only available at real stores. Do you accept this order?

Usually we only handle items which are available at online. However we may accept orders from real stores if they could ship to us.

Do you accept layaway as a payment because the price is too high for me?

No, we do not accept layaway. You will need to pay full amount once you order.

You should have gained shopping points with my order. Could I use them for my next purchase?

No, you cannot use them. We reckon the points are part of our profit.

Do I have to pay your service charge on each item?

No, our service charge is on each order. You can combine order if all of the items are from the same store and same shipment.

I would like to order Dojinshi at a website of Dojinshi circle. Could you help me?

We could help you on condition that a website specifies seller’s information, which is address, name, phone number, e-mail address, refund policy, etc
There is no problem to purchase through BOOTH even if they don't have the information.

Do you purchase through Mercari?

Sorry, we cannot support Mercari or other similar person to person marketplaces.

Can you buy something form a seller who only can take orders by telephone or fax ?

There is no problem for us as long as they can SHIP the items.

I found an item sold at a personal blog. Do you accept this order?

We can purchase items if they specify their information such as address, name, phone number, email addres, refund policy etc.

If the seller never ship the item to you, can you compensate for me?

Yes, we can compensate 100% by our Buyers Protection if it is by our shopping service.

Is it possible to purchase food for me?

Sorry we don't handle any food.

Do you order download contents?

We don't handle download contens or any other intangible things.

Is it possible to order adult items (R18) ?

Yes, it is possible. Age verification is required for the first order.

Do you accept order from Taobao?

Taobao is Chinese website. We only accept order through websites located in Japan.

I am a doll collector. I see a doll I want on a website. The doll is lovely! Could you ask them if I could purchase it?

Yes, we could if the website owner is mentionig they are willing to sell the doll and they provide address, name, phone number and email address.

I already purchased something from a store but they don't ship my items internationally. Can you receive from them and ship it to me?

We are doing shopping service but not forwarding service. If you already purchased and paid to them, we cannot help you.


I already sent you a "Packing Request" but we still cannot bid on new auctions.

The 60 days storage limit will be removed when you pay for the international shipping for the items.
If you already saw the shipping charge, please pay for it. If not yet, please wait for your package is ready to be shipped.

I don't need the items in the storage any more. Can you dispose the items?

If it is small items and flammable like paper or wood, we can dispose them at free of charge.
But even though paper or wood, we need to charge you disposal fee if it is massive or large.
We also need to charge you if it is metal items, glass, electric appliances etc.
We will charge you for disposal fee to the city government and our extra work if needed.

I don't need the item anymore. Can you sell the items to somewhere to compensate some ?

We don't help to sell your items. If it is not needed anymore, we will handle it as disposal.


What is "Wallet"?

On our new system, we start using "Wallet" system. You top up the wallet the first for your future payment or bid amount.
You can settle the payment from the wallet.

What kind of payment methods do you have?

The payment methods we can accept are PayPal and credit card (GMO).
In addition to them, we can accept bank transfer in USD to our bank account in the US. (For US clients only)
And Wise as banking alternative. Please ask us if you use bank account or Wise.

How do you determine the exchange rates when I use bank transfer in USD?

We are referring exchange rates from https://currencylayer.com/ The exchange rates are updated approximately once an hour.

Tell me how to get refunded.

For each purchase, if we have to refund your payment, we will refund you in the Wallet.
If you want to withdraw the fund from Wallet, please request a withdraw. You can find a button on your Wallet page.
Please note. Because of technical matter, you can withdraw fund from Wallet when you topped up with Paypal only.

I am trying to top up the wallet by credit card to buy brand name bags, but I cannot. Why ?

If you purchase high priced or brand name items that can cash easily, we may stop taking credit card or Paypal depending on the purchase history with us. We may ask you to use bank transfer or such.
We have some experiences of so called "Friendly Fraud". It is difficult to avoid technically. We just judge it manually.

Inspection & Packing

I would like to cancel PACKING ORDER as I have new items to add.

Basically, you cannot cancel PACKING ORDER after you submitted it already.
But if we don't start inspection process yet, we might be able to cancel the Packing Order. Please contact from CONTACT BOARD.

Can you check if there have any scratches on the products while inspecting ?

The purpose of our inspection is not for checking conditions of the items.
We are checking if they are same products as auctioned or sold at stores.
If you really need us to check conditions or such, we can help you for fee. It is 2000 JPY / 30 minutes.
Further, if you need us to contact to the seller something, we might help you but we cannot guarantee the result.
When inspection, we will let you know immediately when we find damages. If it was shipped insured method, we can talk with the seller and shipping company. But we cannot guarantee the result either.

While inspection, Noppin found something that they cannot handle. What am I supposed to do?

Please check this HELP what items we do not handle are.
If the item is by our shopping service, we can judge in person if whether or not we can handle before we give you a price quote.
If we receive something that we cannot handle by misjudgment, we can refund you immadiately for the items.

By Yahoo Auctions, for your convenience, we allow you to bid on auctions realtime. So, we cannot check one by one in person.
For suspicious items, our system is putting them to PENDING by words or categories BUT it is not 100% recognized.
If we found items that we are not able to ship, we will let you know. If it is only a part of item, we can remove it and ship the rest.
Our support is case by case. Let's talk on the Contact Board!

When inspection, if you find it is wrong or damaged, do you compensate for it?

If we receive wrong item, we will contact the seller first to try to resolve with replacement or refund.
If we cannot contact to the seller, or cannot resolve it, we will refund you under our Buyer Protection program.
If the item arrived broken, if insurance covered, we will contact to shipping company to resolve it.
But the process could take very long and sometimes it is too difficult to solve because most of items we handle is used item.
If we cannot solved this, we will compensate up to 5000 JPY or the item price whichever is higher under our Buyer's Protection.

I asked you to combine shipment, but it was divided into 2 packages. Why?

Japan Post or other shipping companies we use have weight & size limit.
If all the items can be fit in one box, we would put them together in one, of course.
But if it is oversized or over weight, we have to devide them into 2 or more boxes.
One more reason is that the shipping cost gets cheaper by separating when one item differs from others in shape.
Posters and CDs together as an example. We usually use a tube for posters when shipping, but CDs cannot be fit in there.
If we try to put both of them in the same package, we need a lot bigger box which has too much extra space.
As a result, the shipping cost could get higher.

I purchased aluminum wheels with tires. But I don't need the tires. Can you remove the tires and dispose them?

Yes, we can help you. By removing tires, there are a lot less in weight to save on international shipping.
We will charge you 2000 JPY a wheel with tire. (Less than 18 inches)

Can you disassemble the car parts so that you can pack it compactly?

Our office is not a auto repair shop or such. We cannot help you if we have to use special tools for it.
Please contact us first about it BEFORE you bid.

My items need to be packed with special packing. Can you help?

Please contact us by Contact Board if we can do it for you. We can discuss about extra fee and extra packing materials.

I am from Spain. Can you separate several boxes so we can ship with Airmail?

Basically, we cannot separate one order or one auction to multiple boxes.
Please change shipping method like Parcel or EMS.

I was notified international shipping charge. Can I add somthing to the package that I am planning to bid on?

You have been notified shipping charge. That means we already finished packing. You cannot add any new item to it.

I sent a packing request 5 days ago but I have not received a shipping charge yet. Is it normal?

Please allow us 3 business days before your package is ready to be shipped. We are busy at the end of months.
We need more time if many items are in your package. Also we sometimes talk with sellers if something missing.
If you think it is slow, please contact us. We are happy to tell you the progress.


I would like you to lower the item value on a declaration because tax in my country is very expensive.

We do not declare the value lower. As a corporation, Japanese customs punish for false declaration.
We have seen undervalue declaration at other service, but it is against a law. We think compliance with the law is very important.

I would like to have my item shipped as a GIFT.

We cannot declare as a GIFT as it is not a gift from NOPPIN.

Can you ship my item shipped with "FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY"?

Yes. No problem.

Could you leave "Value" field blank on a shipping label?

No, we cannot leave it blank. "Value" is mandatory to be filled in or shipping companies don't accept to ship.

Could you ship my package to my friend’s house?

It is possible to ship to different address as long as the recipient is yourself. It can be your working place, etc.
It is also possible to ship to Post Office Box (PO Box), Rental Mail Box as long as the recipient is yourself.
But you must be a recipient. We don't ship to different person than you like your friend, your family or dropshipping.

I am currently in Japan. Could you ship my package to the place I stay (hotel, apartment, friend’s house, etc.)?

Yes, it is possible. If it is hotel, we need to know the hotel name, Checking in/out day, Reservation number if avaiable.
Shipping method is Yu-pack, Letter pack or any other traceable method only.
We also need to charge you a consumption tax on our service charge as it is for domestic service.

Is it possible to ship my items to a customs broker I arranged ? It is in Tokyo.

Yes, it is possible but CRESCENT TRADING, INC.(NOPPIN)will not act as an exporter.
We will not make a commercial invoice for it either. We are not responsible for damages.
If our company is used for exporter without our permission, we report it to the Japan Customs immediately.

Can you ship my items to Tenso that is forwarding serice I am using.

Yes, it is possible. We are not responsible for damages.

I asked you to ship domestically in Japan, but it seems that it costs more than the shipping to Singapore.

Shipping charge for small and light item in Japan may be higher than the one to Asian countries.
If you want to ship your item within Japan because of cheaper shipment, please contact us.

I would like you to declare the item exactly what I instruct you.

If we can judge if the description you are mentioning is correct, we can follow it. If not, we cannot.

I would like you to write "Contents" in French and "Declared value" in Euro on a shipping label.

We always write the contents in English and the currency we declare is Japanese Yen.

Could you write “Detailed description of contents” on a shipping label as [SECONDHAND ****] or [USED ****]?

Yes, if it is true, we could do so. But if it is not true, we cannot.

Is commercial invoice mondatory?

It is depending on the country we ship. To the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong, the Customs in the country doesn't demand the commercial invoice. To mainland China, we must make commercial invoice.
Countries in EU, it is depends but most of countries request a commercial invoice.
By Japan Post, for the declare value more than 200,000 JPY, we must make a commercial invoice.
We also must make a commercial invoice when you use Courier services like FedEx, UPS, DHL.

The auction description says “International shipping is available.”Could you ask the seller if they could ship to me directly?

NOPPIN should always receive items here in Japan first no matter where sellers live. And then we ship out internationally.
If you want direct shipping, you cannot use NOPPIN service. We also do not handle only the payment transaction on behalf of you.

I used EMS for shipping, but it took 3 weeks including Customs inspection. I would like you to compensate me for the late shipping.

Japan Post doesn't compensate for the delay. Noppin cannot control it and cannot refund it.

My item was only 1,000 JPY but the shipping charge is more than 10,000 JPY. Why is it so expensive?

Shipping charge has nothing to do with the value of the item. It is figured out by weight and dimensions.
Be aware that it happens to used car parts often.

My package has been returned to you without tell me anything from our local post.

When shipping by Japan Post, the company that deliver your package is different company.
Like USPS in the US, Chronopost in France, DHL in Germany.
The communication between Japan Post and those companies is very bad.
The package may be returned just a small mistake like zip code, issue at the Customs.
We just cannot control that kind of problem. Please make sure if the address you ship is correct so to avoid the problem.
Unfortunately, they don't cover this return by insurance. You will have to pay for the shipping again when re-shipment.

Please use the cheapest shipping method.

When we receive a request the cheapest shipping method, we may choose SURFACE. Surface usually takes 3 months.
We often receive a complaint why it is so slow. To avoid the difference in recognition, please ask shipping options instead of asking the cheapest shipping option. We are happy to provide you shipping options.

I found I forgot to change shipping address before you shipped out the package. Can you change it or forward it to new one?

If we shipped out the package already by Japan Post, they don't take care of changing shipping address or forward to new address.
Please contact to your local post, USPS in the US for example if they can take care of it. If they don't, we just have to wait for the return.
By Fedex or other Courier services, they can take care of it but they may charge fee for it.

What time do I need to pay for shipping if you want today's pick up?

Japan Post pick up our packages between 1:30pm and 3:00pm, Monday to Friday (Except for National holidays).
We would say 1:00pm is the deadline for daily pick up.

Do you ship packages to US army bases in Japan ?

It is posssible but it is only by Japan Post. They charge from Fukuoka to Tokyo even though you ship it to Sasebo (Nagasaki) or Iwakuni (Yamaguchi) because the packages is going to Central Post in Tokyo first.
For large packages more than 170cm (length + width + height) or the weigh more than 30kg, they don't accept it.
Generally, we would recommend you to prepare a place to receive outside US army. It is cheaper and faster.

Do you ship packages to US bases outside Japan ? I am located in US army base in South Korea.

Yes, we do. But even though you are in South Korea, the package is going to Mainland US first and they charge shipping for US.
Shipping is higher than you ship it to somewhere outside US base in South Korea. And it takes a lot longer.
We will recommend you to prepare a place outside US base.

I would like to use registered Airmail or SAL Mail. But I could not find the options.

We used to use "Registered" Airmail or SAL Mail options. But they were too unreliable. So, we stopped using them.
If you want to use "registered" shipping method, please use EMS or Parcel services.

I have received a shipping charge by EMS but it is too high for me. Can you change it to Airmail as a shipping method?

We cannot necessarily change shipping method after we finished packing because of size and weight limits.
It is depending on the country you ship it to but you can change if the dimensions total must be within 90cm (length + width + height) and the wight must be within 2 kg. If you unsure which shipping is the best, please leave a comment that you wan shipping options.

I have received a shipping charge by EMS but it is too high for me. Can you change it to Surface Parcel as a shipping method?

If you are in the UK, Canada or countries that have the same size limit between EMS and Parcel, we can change it.
But the US, Australia or some other countries that has smaller size limit, we may not change it once we finished packing for EMS.
So, you should request shipping options when you send us a packing request.

The package has been stuck at the Customs in my country. Can you help me something?

We cannot help you anything when the package is at the Customs.

I have received a tracking number of the EMS but I cannot track it on Japan Post's website.

They only update the status once a day. If tracking number is not updated for today's shipment, please try again tomorrow.
If it is still not updated after a couple of days, please contact us. We might have given you a wrong number.

Is it possible to use other shipping companies than Japan Post.

Yes, it is possible but the structure of pricing is completely different.
We would recommend you to use Japan Post if your package can be shipped by Japan Post.
And we use Fedex and UPS for heavier and larger packages than Japan Post's limit.

Can you use LCL for sea container?

Basically, we don't use LCL but we may be able to help if you have definite plan.
LCL is not our usual service. We will have to discuss about our service fee and such.

Can you ship whole car to me?

If you are in business for cars and you have experience to import cars into your country and know the cost of import, we may be able to help you. It is not our usual service, we will have to disscuss about our fee and such.

I would like to purchase large quantity items from a wholesaler. Can you act as my export agent from Japan?

Yes, it is possible. But it is depending what kind of items you are buying and which company you are buying from.
Please contact us if you need help. We can discuss about your plan.

I just received a notification about the shipping charge. Until when do I have to pay for the shipping.

The storage limit is 60 days. When the oldest item in the package passesed 60 days, it is the deadline of the payment.

I am staying Fukuoka (where our office is located) now, can I pick up my items at your office?

We are sorry but we cannot accept you to pick up items at our office for security reason.

I would like to ship my package with insurance. How much would that be?

If you ship with EMS or FedEx, we will pay for the insurance. (Insurance is included in the shipping charge.)
If you ship with other methods, we will ship the package without insurace because it is difficult to solve.
Recently, quarity of Japan Post's service dropped significantly. Even we paid for the insurance, they don't pay sometimes or took very long.
If you purchased high value of items, we would recommend you to use FedEx.

My item arrived broken. What do I do for it?

If you received damaged item by EMS or FedEx, contact us by Contact Board as soon as possible.
If you send us some photos of the damaged items and broken box and so on, it would be very helpful.
After this, it is case by case. We will talk each other for the progress.

I have received different item. What should I do ?

If you received different item, contact us by Contact Board as soon as possible.
If you send us some photos of the item, it would be very helpful. Though it is very rare case, we might ship different client's item to you.
We will think the solution case by case but we will never disclose your information to the other client without your permission.

I found a shortage of products.

We count quantity before we pack when you purchased from multiple quantity auction. It is very rare case that we miscount it.
But we sometimes find our client's misunderstanding by seller's description of auctions.
Here's the examples: "Trading cards approxiametly 100" "I didn't count the quantity. Please judge it by the photos" "Something in the photo is not included" ”There are 10 on the photo but you only get only one"
We cannot claim it to the seller if description say about it. Please just don't choose auctions by just seeing photos.
Please read the description carefully before you bid. If you are unsure what it says, contact us before you bid.

I have received an item what I didn't order. Do I need to ship it back to you?

Some sellers send us some gifts with the item you order. If the gift was explained on the description of the auction, we will ship it to you automatically. We don't notify you about it.
Some sellers send the gift without notice. Unless the shipping charge changes, we will ship it to you automatically.
But in case of significant impact to increase the shipping charge, we will notify you. Tell us if you need it or not.

My package has not arrived here for a long time.

It really depends on country but the Customs in some countries take so long.
Contact us if you think it has been missing or such. We will check the status of the package.

I have received the brand name bag I ordered but it must be fake. I would like to get the mony back.

We don't guarantee the authenticity of the items at all.

Our Interface

Please instruct me how to use your search engine.

When you search something by English word, choose "English" in the select box.
The English word will be translated by Google translator into Japanese and is forwarded to Yahoo or Rakuten.
By Google translator, one English word results one Japanese word only. For more results and accuracy, we have a dictionary in our system. If you type one English word, our system gives you multiple different words which are same sound or same meanings.
Especially, for Japanese person name, there are a lot of same sound words but different kanji. For more information, please check HELP.

I sent a message to you 30 minutes ago through Contact Board. But there is no replys from you at all.

Contact Board is not a "chat" or realtime. Our customer service will contact you accordingly.
Please understand we have the time difference between your country and Japan. So, we may take 20 hours sometimes.