Usage Guide

Searching for an item

Firstly, let's try to find what you want !
For Yahoo Japan Auctions, you can find an item by original Japanese words as well as words in English which will be translated to Japanese, URL, Auction ID or seller's ID.
For Rakuten, you can find an item by original Japanese words as well as words in English or URL.

Search Tips
Top Up Wallet

NOPPIN website uses a Wallet System.
We accept PayPal and Credit cards.
When you top up the wallet, payment handling fees will be deducted.

Wallet & Payment Options
You can bid auctions with our real time bid system. Deposit in Wallet equal to or greater than bid amount is required.
Snipe Bid
Restriction of International Shipping
After you won an auction, we contact to the seller to pay for the auction.
This process could take 1-3 days depending on each seller.
The won amount is held in the Wallet.
Please pay off the difference from the total amount including domestic shipping and our service charge.
Price Quote
For shopping from tenants on Rakuten, send a request for price quote from a cart.
We will quote the total amount including domestic shipping and our service charge.
(Not including international shipping from us to you.)

For other stores than Rakuten, please fill out the form and request us a price quote.

Restriction of International Shipping
Pay from Wallet
If the price is acceptable, please send your payment from the Wallet.
Arrival to Noppin's Warehouse & Storage

Purchased items will arrive to Noppin's warehouse.
In the meantime, the status on your My Noppin page turns "Arrived".
You can storage items up to 60 days free of charge !
(After 60 days, you will need to pay 50 JPY an item a day.)
You can save on international shipping cost by combining multiple items !

After you finish ordering, send us a "Packing Request" from Storage Space.
We will start inspecting and packing.
Our standard shipping method is "EMS".
Unless you request for other shipping options, we will start packing accordingly to EMS rule.
So, be sure to ask us other shipping options when you send us a packing requestOr if you don't know which shipping option you should choose, please ask us to give you shipping options.
(Due to Covid 19, shipping methods are restricted. Please ask us if you have any questions.)

Shipping Options

Firstly, we receive your packing request, we start inspecting.
We are checking if the items purchased are correct and checking major damages during internal shipment.
If we find a problem, we will contact to the seller to try to resolve the problem.
If we cannot solve it, we will report you about it.
We will not ship items without inspecting as we should know what we purchased and conditions.


After resolved all problems, we will start packing items.
We use brand new box to pack items unless special circumstances.
The reason why we will use new boxes is the sellers usually use recycled boxes which is much larger than items.
Or the boxes we received are too weak to survive for long distance international shipping.
To save shipping cost for you, we will not pack the seller's boxes into our box. (No box in box packing).
For usual shipment, you don't have to pay for new packing material because it is included in our service fee.

If you require us any other extra work, we can do it for extra fee of 2000 JPY per 30 minutes.
If you require special packing material, please contact us. We will quote the price for you. 

Special Packing Examples
Payment for International Shipping

After we finished packing, we will inform you about the shipping charge and additional cost if needed.
If you asked us shipping options when you sent a packing request, we will let you know from Contact Board.
Please be sure to reply which shipping method you choose.

Shipping out to you

After we receive a shipping charge from you, we ship out your package on the same day or next business day.
The deadline for same day shipment is 13:00 (Japan time).

After we shipped out the package, we will notify you "We have shipped out your package!" on My Noppin and email.
If the shipping method is either by EMS, Parcels, FedEx or UPS, we will notify you tracking number at the same time.

Arrival to you

Items arrive to your place.Please check the items inside soon.

The package has not arrived to you?Different items?Damaged?
If something wrong, please don't hesitate to contact us from Contact Board.

Contact Board

Thank you very much for being Noppin's customers !