Golden Week shipping schedule

Apr 26, 2023 Golden Week shipping schedule

Thank you very much for using our service.
There will be so called Golden Week in Japan soon.

We are working during Golden Week as usual!
But shipping company close their operation during Golden Week.
Here's the days of available shipping.

April 27th (Thu) Available
April 28th (Fri) Available
April 29th (Sat) NOT Available
April 30th (Sun) NOT Available

May 1st (Mon) Available
May 2nd (Tue) Available
From May 3rd (Wed) to May 7th (Sun) NOT Available.
May 8th (Mon) - Available.

In the next week, the days we have chance to ship is May 1st (Mon) and May 2nd (Tue) Only.
So, if you are in hurry to ship something, please send us a packing request as soon as possible.
Again, we are still open during the holidays and can pack items immediately.

Thank you for your understanding!

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