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Thank you very much for using our service.
It was very difficult decision but we will stop taking new orders temporarily
from November 2nd, 2020 to the end of January 2021.

Due to Covid19, shipping by Japan Post's service have suspended for about 6 months
including the US and Australia. And yet not certain when their service resumes.

We are currently using DHL, UPS or Fedex but their rate is somewhat higher than Japan Post's service
especially shipping for light weight but large volume like Plush toys and Figures.
And many clients still want to use Japan Post's services after the service resumes.
Even though Japan Post's available countries, the service is slow, stuck at the Customs for a long time.
There is no control at our side.

We have offered free storage for about 6 months, but our warehouse is not unlimited.
If this situation keeps being, it is very difficult to provide our normal services anymore.

To be able to return to normal service, we have decided to stop taking new orders til January 31st, 2021.
We will clean up all of items that we storage for our clients in our warehouse
and old unpaid items, abandoned items, packages not shipped for more than one year.
If you have old items that not shipped more than 1 year, it is the last chance to ship.

Here's what we do during the suspension.

### Items or packages that is ready to be shipped ###
1) We will cancel orders that has not paid for more than 2 months as of Nov 30th.
We will have to close the account and deposit made will be taken.
2) Packages ready to be shipped but not paid for shipping charge by Dec 31 last year.
We will have to close account and the packages will be disposed.

### Shipment ###
We can keep working for packing and shipping during the suspension.
For orders by November 1st, we can offer free storage til Dec 31st.
If we didn't receive a packing request by Dec 31st, we will start packing without a request.
And please ship package by January 31st, 2021 or they will be disposed.

### Shipping methods ###
To countries that Japan Post's service is still available, we can use Japan Post Service.

To countries that Japan Post's service is unavailable such as the US and Australia,
we will use DHL, UPS or Fedex whichever cheaper.
If the rate is higher than EMS, we can guarantee EMS service rate.
Larger or heavier package than EMS limit, we just have to charge DHL, UPS or Fedex rate.

To countries that Japan Post or any other shipping methods are not available,
we will talk each client for a solution.

### Deposit by Paypal ###
We can refund you deposit by your request if there is no outstanding orders.
Please request deposit refund from Payment Information screen if you want us to refund.

Under Paypal's policy, they don't refund their fee any more if the dposit is more than 180 days old.
We will deduct Paypal fee and send the rest of fund in Japanese Yen by Paypal.
You may be charged fee again by Paypal when you receive the fund.
We can keep the deposit if you are willing to use our service after we reopen.

### Pre-orders by our shopping service ###
There are many pre-order purchases.
We will of course keep the order until items are released.
We will work for them until we ship out the package to the clients.

### New member registration ###
New member registration is not available until we reopen.

We are very sorry for this treatment and the inconvenience cause you.
If you have any questions, please contact us from "Contact Board"
We will keep working even during suspended period.

Thank you and Best Regards.

Masamichi Kuge,
Crescent Trading, Inc.
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