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Thank you for using our service.
This is very bad news for every our clients.
Japan Post announced that they would stop accepting shipment by air (EMS, Air Parcel, Airmail)
to the US from April 24th.
Because more than 50% of our clients are from the US, it is very serious problem for us.
We considered we stopped business for a while until the situation get better.
But we just have decided we keep doing business as long as our clients want to use our service
even under this difficult circumstances.

They had been accepting packages by today but seems that a lot of packages
have been stuck at Japan Post's warehouse since the end of March.
We believe those package will be shipped back to us as they decided to stop accepting.
For other clients other than the US like Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Germany,
Japan Post are still accepting shipment. But the packages are also stuck at their warehouse.
They could stop accepting soon for the countries they are still accepting.
We think we should not use Japan Post for a while.
So, we have decided to stop accepting orders with Japan Post services to all countries.
Please DO NOT ORDER if you want to ship with Japan Post soon.

If you still want to order, please consider the following:

1) Use Fedex or UPS:
If you need to receive packages soon, we can use Fedex and UPS.
For small and light packages, shipping charge could be higher than Japan Post.
We also can use DHL if you really need but the rate is higher than Fedex or UPS.

2) Keep items or packages in our storage until Japan Post start shipping again:
Under this situation, we can keep your items at no extra cost for more than 60 days
until the situation get better. You can keep ordering shopping and auctions.
We recommend this if you are not in hurry.

Please accept this inconvenience.
If you have any questions regarding shipment, please contact us.

Best Regards,

Masamichi Kuge,
Crescent Trading, Inc.
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