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Frequently Asked Questions about Noppin’s services.
Do you accept pre-orders?
Yes, we accept pre-orders. However the release date is postponed very often. Even in that case, you can never cancel the order.
Please understand that in advance.
**For our auction service, we do not handle pre-order items.
Is it possible to include pre-order items and regular items in the same one quote?
No, it is not possible. We need to separate pre-order items from regular items.
I would like to order Dojinshi at a website of Dojinshi circle. Could you help me?
We could help you on condition that a website specifies seller’s information, which is address, name, phone number, e-mail address, refund policy, etc.
I found an item sold at a personal blog. Do you accept this order?
Same as the above
Are there any problems to send me a pointed carving knife?
No, there is no problem. There is no restriction on the home use and export of cooking knives including pointed carving knives.
We cannot handle a Katana (sword), butterfly knife, and any knives that are originally made as weapons.
Is it possible to send me an air soft gun?
No, we do not handle it as we have a lot of procedures to take for exporting it overseas.
Is it possible to send me a spray can?
No, it is not possible.
The shipment of spray cans by postal service has been stopped ((LINK)).
I do not see why you do not handle download contents. It should be easier as the shipment is not needed.
Exporting tangible items is our main service. Since download contents are different in character, the accounting process is complex.
For the above reason, we cannot accept any download contents at the time. It leaves some room for consideration if there is a big demand for them in the future.
I would like to know the international shipping cost in advance.
A quote we send you does not include the international shipping charges. We do not have any items in stock as we are not a retail store.
Therefore it would be very difficult to know the weight of your items in advance.
For the above reason, we would ask you to make payment for the actual shipping cost soon after we finish packing.
The store website indicates that the item is 1kg in weight. But I received the shipping bill for 3kg. Why?
In most cases, the weight on a website shows only for an item itself and not including protection against damage, manual book, accessories, etc.
Please note that the total weight gets heavier with them added.
Do you accept a ticket order?
Yes, we do. However it is limited to secondary market like
We can only handle if a seller already has a ticket in his/her hands and we can order at least 14 days in advance of the concert.
We do not handle tickets from Ticket PIA, Lawson Ticket, eplus, and any other places where they take pre-orders at list prices.
The reason is because (1) the sales start on Saturdays and Sundays in most cases, (2) a success rate is very low due to concentrated internet access,
(3) seats are not selectable, and (4) we have to go pick them up.
I would like to order a concert ticket for a week later. Is it possible?
No, it is not possible. We need at least 14 days in advance of the concert.
I cannot make it to the trip to Japan, so I do not need the ticket any more. Could you refund me?
No, we cannot refund you at all.
Do you ship a ticket to my house in USA?
We only ship a ticket domestically. If you have reserved a hotel, they would keep it until your arrival with no problem.
Even if you have not reserved it yet, we could hold it and arrange a shipping schedule for you.
The concert was canceled. Could I get a refund on the ticket?
Claiming a refund on the ticket is very difficult as the original buyer is not us.
If it is possible, we could help you, but we would charge you some extra fees which reflect our labor.
The sponsor does not make compensation for a premium part at all, so we could only refund you for the full list price at most.
Could you order a fun club (FC) ticket for me?
In most cases, sellers do not receive a FC ticket until about a week in advance of a concert to prevent resell.
We can only handle if sellers already have the ticket in their hands and we can order it at least 14 days in advance of the concert.
Could you order color contact lenses for me?
No, we cannot. In order to handle contact lenses, we need a license on the basis of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law. But we do not have the license.
I have received a quote from you. Is there a deadline for the payment?
There is no deadline as long as the items are still available for order. However, the quote will be deleted from our system automatically in a month.
In such cases, please contact us from CONTACT BOARD. We can resend you the quote.
I would like to order a guitar. Do you charge me an extra handling fee?
Yes, we add 2000 yen as an extra packing fee when we charge you international shipping. Please note a quote we send you does not include this fee.
Examples of other extra packing fees: ((LINK))
Do you accept lottery orders?
No, we do not handle any lottery orders.
Is it possible to order adult items?
Yes, it is possible. But we need to verify your age in advance.
How to order adult items: ((LINK))
Why do I have to show you my ID for the purchase of adult items?
NOPPIN has got permission to sell adult items by the police. There is a rule of verifying your age between us.
I have a credit card. Does this a means to prove my age of over eighteen?
We cannot accept a credit card for your age verification.
Unfortunately we have seen the use of parents’ credit card by children under the age of eighteen without their permission.
I found some item I want on a magazine. Could you find it at online stores?
In most cases, the information about items on a magazine is for real stores. Therefore it is difficult to find exact the same ones at online stores.
It may be possible to find them if you know the store name, brand, and product name.
Please send us a scan of that page first, so we could see if it is possible to search them.
The item I want seems only available at real stores. Do you accept this order?
Usually we only handle items which are available at online. However we may accept orders from real stores if they could ship to us.
The item I want is on sale at online only on limited Saturday and Sunday & National Holiday. Do you accept this order?
Basically we are closed on Saturdays and Sundays & National Holidays, so we cannot help you with that kind of orders. But there may be exceptions.
Please feel free to contact us in advance.
When ordering, I would like you to use a coupon attached to my magazine. Is it possible?
Please send us detailed information. We will see if it is possible.
I would like to be a fun club member. Could you apply for the membership on my behalf?
No, we do not handle it.
Do you take out a subscription to a magazine?
No, we do not handle subscription.
I would like to purchase a prepaid card in order to play Japanese online game. Is it possible?
We do not handle any intangible items. So it is not possible to just let you know the numbers on a card.
However we could handle it if we actually ship the card to you.
I am traveling to Japan. Could I purchase a ticket for Shinkansen through you?
No, we do not handle it. We recommend you to ask a travel agency directly. You should be able to purchase a discount ticket for foreign travelers.
I am interested in purchasing a DVD. Does it come with English subtitles?
The DVDs sold in Japan are designed for the domestic market. Therefore English subtitles are not available usually.
What is your region code for DVDs? Is it possible to play with my player?
The region code in Japan is 2. If your player is region free, it is playable. There are some region-free DVDs like Takarazuka’s.
You can play them with any players.
I would like to purchase directly from a store, not through you. Could I just ask you receiving and forwarding the items to me?
NOPPIN service is shopping deputy, not forwarding service. We cannot offer our service if there is no purchase transactions.
I am a doll collector. I see a doll I want on a website. Could you ask them if I could purchase it?
We cannot contact them unless a website says that the doll is for sale.
Is it possible to purchase items from Korean doll website?
We cannot order from overseas. We can only take orders if a store is located in Japan and send domestically.
**You can bid on items at Yahoo Auctions even if the sellers are foreigners.
Do you charge a commission per store or per item?
We charge our commission per store. If you order more than one item from the same store, our commission is calculated based on the total shopping expense.
However if the items have different delivery dates from the same store, for example when including pre-order items, it is calculated separately.
Do you accept layaway as a payment?
No, we do not accept layaway. Please pay in one lump sum.
Do you accept payment with 2 different funding sources?
Yes, we do. For example, you could pay half with Paypal balance and the other half with a credit card.
In that case, we need to transact manually out of the system. So please contact us from CONTACT BOARD.
You should have gained shopping points with my order. Could I use them for my next purchase?
No, you cannot use them. Points are part of our profit.
I have purchased the same item from the same store 2 years ago. But the price has risen more than 50 percent. Did you raise your commission?
Unfortunately the sharp rise in the value of the Japanese yen has been seen in the last 2 years.
The price for an item itself, our commission, and international shipping fee have not been changed at all in Japanese yen basis.
However they have got very expensive in US dollar, euro, and UK pond basis.
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