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Frequently Asked Questions about Noppin’s services.
I won an auction, but the status is still ONGOING.
All the auctions status except for ONGOING is updated automatically.
But we update ONGOING auctions every morning between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. manually in order to check the auction details.
Until we finish updating work, the auctions status stays in ONGOING.
I won an auction, but the status is PENDING.
Reasons for being PENDING: ((LINK))
You can see if an auction will be in PENDING by checking each auction page in advance.
For PENDING auctions, we need to check if we can handle them and switch to automatic bidding mode during our office hours.
So please place a bid at least 12 hours before the auction is ended.
I cannot delete LOST and GAVEUP auctions from my auction list.
It is not possible to delete LOST and GAVEUP auctions for 14 days since they are ended.
That is because we can contact you if a winner cancels the auction for some reasons and we get a right to buy.
Of course you have no obligation to buy it. It is very useful service especially when it is a rare item and hard to find anywhere else.
The auction was not ended within the time and extended many times.
You may have seen this many times if you use our service often. This is not our service rule, but Yahoo auctions' unique rule.
We call it “5 minutes extension rule”.
The time is extended for 5 minutes when there is already a bidder and another one bids within 5 minutes before the auction is ended.
I would like to cancel PACKING ORDER as I have new items to add.
You can cancel PACKING ORDER until all the items arrive at our office.
Please cancel it once and submit a new PACKING ORDER again with including the items you would like to add.
Once all the items arrive, it is not possible to cancel it.
The translation does not make sense to me. Could you explain what it says?
Please try to use translation software first. If it is not clear what it says, please contact us from CONTACT BOARD.
But all we could do is just translating exactly what the description says. We cannot guarantee reliability of the information.
I have something to ask a seller. Could you ask him/her for me?
Yes, we could contact a seller through Yahoo website as long as time allows. Please understand that we cannot guarantee reliability of his or her answer.
We reply to you through CONTACT BOARD only when s/he answers to our questions in order to save time.
I have my own Yahoo ID. If I bid an auction with my ID, could you take over a contact to a seller and the payment in my behalf?
We cannot handle any auctions which are bidden and won with your own Yahoo ID.
If you would like to use NOPPIN service, be sure to become our member first and place a bid through NOPPIN website.
Could you refund me if I win an item which is not possible to be shipped to me?
You cannot cancel an auction you win for any reasons. You have an obligation to make payment even if the item cannot be shipped to you.
Please check a list of items which cannot be shipped in advance: ((LINK))
Could you ask a seller if he/she sells items separately?
No, we cannot.
Could you ask for a discount?
NOPPIN does not ask for a discount at all.
The auction page says that the item is pre-order and will be delivered 2 months later. Could I bid on this auction?
You cannot bid on any pre-order items. We may handle them through our Shopping Service, so please feel free to contact us from CONTACT BOARD.
Could I bid on a pre-order auction which is set the delivery date in 2 months if the seller is a store? Yahoo Japan permits selling it.
Stores are allowed to sell pre-order items by Yahoo Japan. However NOPPIN service does not accept this order.
I could not place a bid within the time. Could you ask the seller to resell it?
Technically we cannot contact to a seller, whose auction is already ended, through Yahoo screen.
Also, there is a possibility that s/he asks to have business with us directly in the future and the transaction gets very complicated.
For the above reasons, we do not ask reselling.
The auction was ended with no winner. Could you ask the seller for direct business transaction?
We decline this for the same reasons above.
I lost an auction even though I bid at higher price than sales price. Why?
Sellers can cancel auctions freely. For example, NOPPIN auction ID can be canceled for some reasons.
Please understand that we cannot control it at our side.
I tried to bid on an auction, but could not go through as the seller was on NOPPIN’s blacklist. Could you tell me the reason?
We are sorry, but we cannot tell you the reason for each seller.
I would like to cancel my bid.
You cannot cancel any auctions once you bid. Please have a rethink before you place a bid.
It says the seller does not have business transaction with agencies on the auction description. Is it possible to place a bid?
Please refrain from bidding as it may be canceled suddenly or take too much time for the transaction.
I bid on 2 auctions for the same item and I wanted just one. But I won both items. Could I cancel one?
Please bid on just one auction if you only need one. In case you lose it, try to bid on a new auction.
If you win both, then you have an obligation to pay for both.
I am planning to bid on several auctions from the same seller. Could you ask him/her to combine shipment and payment?
For several auctions from the same seller, NOPPIN asks him/her for combining shipment and payment if you win on the same day.
However if s/he refuses the request, we just have to accept whatever s/he says.
If you win on several different days and prefer to combining shipment, please contact us from CONTACT BOARD and let us know which one is ended and which one is ongoing. Please understand that we cannot help you if you just tell us your bidding schedule and not take an action. We can wait for about a week at longest.
I would like to know the international shipping cost in advance.
Because of the characteristics of our auction deputy service, items are not here at our office. Also, auction items are used in most of the cases.
Therefore it is very difficult to know how we could pack for the international shipment in advance.
Please understand that we charge you the actual shipping cost once we finish packing.
Please use this EMS shipping table for your estimation: ((LINK))
A seller sells several of the same items (Dutch auction). I won 3 of them at Buy It Now price, but I still need 2 more. I am trying to place additional bids from NOPPIN screen, but it has not successfully done. What should I do?
Yahoo system cannot manage any additional bids. Neither does NOPPIN system. If there is still some remaining, please contact us.
We can ask the seller if they accept additional orders.
The item I won has not arrived for a month. Is there any problem?
Not all sellers are good. There are some sellers who cut off communications with us and we cannot even send the payment.
In other case, they do not ship items even though our payment has been completed.
Unfortunately we need to cancel and refund you based on NOPPIN policy if we have not received the items for about a month. ((LINK))
If you have bidden on pre-order item mistakenly and it causes a delay or sellers have good reason, we do not follow the policy.
The seller’s feedback has been suspended. I have made the payment, but it seems the item has not arrived yet.
There are various reasons for being suspended, and it is not sellers’ fault in some cases. We cancel the order if it is suspended before we make payment.
If it becomes suspended after we make payment, we wait for their contact and the item's arrival for about a month after the auction is ended.
That is because it may get back to normal in the meantime.
In case of no arrival ultimately: ((LINK))
The seller’s feedback has been terminated. Is continuous transaction possible?
“Terminated” is in the condition of deletion of seller’s auction ID itself for some reason. We cancel the order if it is terminated before we make payment.
If it becomes terminated after we make payment, we try to contact to the seller in various ways for about a month.
In case of no arrival ultimately: ((LINK))
I would like to know accurate seat numbers for a ticket before bidding.
Sellers usually do not let us know accurate seat numbers for their privacy.
Once we receive the ticket, we can tell you that after we confirm your PACKING REQUEST.
Is it possible to bid on reservation numbers for a ticket purchase?
No, it is not possible as it is not a tangible item. You can only bid on an auction if it involves physical shipping.
It has been a week since I won an auction, but it has not arrived yet. Is it normal?
There are various sellers. Some sell as a business and others have their own job and sell when they have some free time.
Items are shipped in 2-3 days in average, but it may delay on weekends as the post office is closed.
It is normal to take a week, but if it is past 2 weeks, there might be some problems. So please feel free to contact us.
I am very satisfied with the item. Could you leave a good feedback on the seller for me?
Whether items are good or not, we do not set different feedbacks.
If we receive them successfully we always set a good feedback, but you cannot designate our comments.
I am not satisfied with the item. Could you set a bad feedback on the seller for me?
Basically we do not set a negative feedback on sellers. This is because sellers who received bad feedback might give bad feedback back to us out of revenge for us.
No matter what reasons, if we have any bad feedbacks, there is a possibility that other auctions are canceled or we get a limitation on bidding.
We know how you feel, but we just do not leave bad feedbacks on sellers for the above reasons.
Do you accept sellers who live in outside of Japan?
Yes, we accept them if it is possible for us to make payment with bank transfer to Japanese bank account or Paypal.
The seller lives in USA. I also live in USA, so I would like him/her to ship me directly.
NOPPIN always has to receive items first, and then ship them to you even if sellers live in outside of Japan.
If you would like direct shipping, you may not use NOPPIN service.
I won an auction a few days ago. Why cannot I still make payment?
First possible reason is the seller is slow and we have no response from him/her yet.
Secondly s/he has sent the item off, but the payment method is COD (Cash on Delivery).
When COD is used, our system is not updated until we receive it so that we could charge you the actual domestic shipping cost.
I won several items from the same seller. Do you charge your commission for each item?
Yes, we charge our commission for each auction.
You only need to pay for the domestic shipping and bank wire once if the items are from the same seller, because we ask him/her to combine shipping and payment.
However some sellers ask us to pay separately. In that case, we just have to follow them.
Could you ask the seller if it is genuine?
We can ask about the item condition. But we do not ask if it is genuine.
The item I received was a fake. I would like to get my money back.
A service NOPPIN offers is bidding, making payment, receiving items, and shipping internationally in your behalf.
We do not guarantee if the item itself is genuine at all.
In case we receive an item which is totally different from what the auction description says, we contact him/her to solve the problem.
We recommend not to bid if you are unsure.
The auction description sets abnormal terms. Could you negotiate with the seller?
Even if it is abnormal, we need to follow whatever the description says when s/he states it clearly.
If s/he does not mention anything, but asks unreasonable demands, we talk to him/her. In case the problem is not solved, we stop the transaction.
I won several items from the same seller. Do you charge bank wire and domestic shipping cost for each item?
In most cases, sellers combine shipping and payment without our request for the items won on the same day.
In case they charge us separately, we ask them to combine shipping and payment so that you could only pay us once.
However we need to follow them if they force us separate shipping and payment.
The auction description says the seller accepts layaway. Do you accept it?
Some sellers accept layaway especially when the items are expensive. However NOPPIN does not choose this payment method.
We ask you a payment in a lump sum.
I would like to make payment in US$ or other currency.
CRESCENT SHOP used to use US$ currency for your payment. This time NOPPIN has made its overall revision to Japanese Yen.
At first when we started our service, 70-80 % of our customers were American. Therefore a payment in US$ was easier for them, and it was also the cheapest way.
However, the sharp rise in European and other countries’ customers has had need of a payment in Eurocurrency and other currency.
That is why we have changed it to Japanese Yen.
Could I use my deposit toward a payment for items and international shipping?
Your deposit we kept on CRESCENT SHOP service can be used for the payment for NOPPIN service. The rate we use for the transfer is based on Paypal rate.
We do not keep a deposit on NOPPIN service.
I would like to get my deposit back.
If there is an offer, we refund a deposit you had on CRESCENT SHOP service. If it has been within 60 days after your deposit, we refund it in full.
If it has past 60 days, the amount we refund you is [(your deposit) – (Paypal fee)], which is paid in US$. Please note that you also get a fee deducted when receiving.
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