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Frequently Asked Questions about Noppin’s services.
Why you do not ship packages as they are after you receive them from stores or sellers?
There are some reasons for that.

1) Sellers usually use very large boxes for packing even when the items are very small as they do not have boxes in perfect size.
In most time we can reduce the international shipping cost by repacking them.

2) They often send items without using any protection like Bubble Wrap. Also, the boxes have been recycled in many cases.
We think that we need repacking to withstand physical external pressure while international shipping.

3) We have seen the use of boxes with sellers’ contact information at other service. There is some possibility of being against the Personal Information Protection Law.
They may even bring in a lawsuit against the companies if they are accused.
We ask a disposal company to take all packing materials we got from sellers, which have their personal information. They dispose them properly for us.

We think our service is not completed until you receive your items successfully, so please understand it.
I asked you to combine shipment, but it was divided into 2 packages. Why?
The postal service we use has weight & size limit ((LINK)).
If all the items can be fit in one box, we would put them together in one, of course. If it is oversized, we have to divide them into 2 or more boxes though.
One more reason is that the shipping cost gets cheaper by separating when one item differs from others in shape.
Posters and CDs together are an example. We usually use a tube for posters when shipping, but CDs cannot be fit in there.
If we try to put both of them in the same package, we need a lot bigger box which has too much extra space. As a result, the shipping cost could get higher.
Do you ship CDs with Printed Matter?
Based on Japan Post rule, CDs are not considered as Printed Matter for international shipping.
(**It is considered as Printed Matter for domestic shipping.)
I would like to have my item shipped as a GIFT.
We cannot declare as a GIFT as it is not a gift from NOPPIN. In this case, “GIFT” does not mean a gift you get for your friend.
I would like you to lower the item value on a declaration.
Japanese customs punish for false reports including undervalue severely.
We have seen undervalue declaration at other service, but please understand it is against a law. We think compliance with the law is very important.
Could you leave “Value” field blank on a shipping label?
No, we cannot leave it blank. “Value” is necessary to be filled in.
Could you write “Detailed description of contents” on a shipping label as [SECONDHAND ****] or [USED ****]?
Yes, if it is true, we could do so. But if it is not true, we cannot.
I would like you to write “Detailed description of contents” in French on a shipping label.
Sorry, but we always write it in English.
I am currently in Japan. Could you ship my package to the place I stay (hotel, apartment, friend’s house, etc.)?
Yes, it is possible. In this case, we need to add a consumption tax as it is for domestic service.
If it is to a hotel, we need to know reservation number, check-in date, and other detailed information. Please be ready for that.
We use a shipping method which requests the recipient to sign a receipt. (We do not use non-registered mail.)
I asked you to ship inside of Japan, but it seems that it costs more than the shipping to Singapore.
EMS shipping cost to Singapore is 900 yen for a package up to 300 grams in weight.
On the other hand, Yu-pack or Yamato domestic shipping usually costs at least 1000 yen.
Could you ship my package to my friend’s house?
It is possible to ship to different address as long as the recipient is your name. We don't ship to different person than you.
I submitted a packing request 3 days ago, but have not received the shipping charge yet. Is it normal?
[Business hours] Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
For example, even if you submit a shipping request on Friday after 6:00 p.m., we do not check it until Monday after 9:00 a.m.
Also, we cannot start making an inspection if any of the items has not arrived here.
Usually packing is completed in about 3 business days after all the items have arrived here at our office.
We also do not pack during National Holidays, so it may take longer sometimes.
I have received a bill for the international shipping today. But the auction items I won should be arrived in 2-3 days. So I would like to ship all of them together.
If you receive a bill for the international shipping, that means we have finished packing. It is too late to combine shipment.
The auction description says “International shipping is available.”Could you ask the seller if s/he could ship to me directly?
NOPPIN should always receive items here in Japan first no matter where sellers live. And then we ship out internationally.
If you want direct shipping, you cannot use NOPPIN service. We also do not handle only the payment transaction on behalf of you.
So please talk to sellers directly or use other service.
I would like you to attach an invoice on my package.
Yes, it is possible. Please understand that we always write an actual value.
A gum is included in an item. Can foods be shipped?
Basically dried foods which do not past their expiration date can be shipped. But they are strictly prohibited in some countries.
We do not handle any foods to USA at the time as we have to go through complicated formalities to export foods to USA.
We also have some limitations on other countries, so please contact us in advance.
I would like you to send me large car parts.
Yes, it is possible. But you can only use air transportation companies in cooperation with us. You cannot choose other shipping methods.
The shipping cost is determined by volume weight, and fuel surcharge is also added. So it costs more than postal service.
On top of that, we have to charge you extra packing fee.
Where can I track my package? Could you give me a link?
EMS and other postal service: ((LINK))
I have received my package, but an item has been broken. What should I do?
If you used EMS for shipping, please contact NOPPIN as soon as possible. We claim for insurance at our side.
For other postal service, NOPPIN cannot pay you insurance charge at all even though some shipping methods are insured.
This is because they are not traceable and have many difficulties in claiming insurance. Please be sure to use EMS if you want a shipping method with insurance.
I received a shipping bill for EMS today, but it was too expensive. Could you change it to Air Mail?
Yes, it is possible to change EMS to Air Mail. Please note Japan Post offers both EMS and Air Mail, but they are totally different service.
EMS is not an Air Mail premium service. In some cases, Air Mail or SAL costs more than EMS depending on destination countries and weight ranges.
I have received a shipping notice from NOPPIN, but no information is found at a tracking site. Are you sure you shipped out my package already?
Japan Post updates shipping status at tracking site once a day only on weekdays. Please check again later.
My package has been held at customs. Could you help me?
We cannot do anything regarding customs. We cannot contact to customs in your country directly. But if they contact you and there is something we could help you, please let us know.
Is it possible to ship to Army and Air Force Post Office (APO)?
Yes, it is possible. Please let us know which country it is located. If it is inside of Japan, we can ship with domestic shipping charge.
I would like you to remove tires from wheels in order to reduce the shipping cost. Would it be possible?
If the seller could remove tires for free before shipping, that would be the best. But it is too difficult to do that for a general person.
If s/he asks a parts shop, they would charge 1500 yen – 2000 yen per one tire (including disposal fee). Or they might not even accept it.
If the seller refuses to remove them, we can take them to a parts shop at our side if you want.
In that case, we would charge you 2000 yen per one tire as an extra handling fee.
Could you let a Japanese customs broker I arranged ship my package?
It is possible if CRESCENT TRADING, INC.(NOPPIN)does not need to be an exporter.
It would be no problem if the shipping address is just some Japanese customs broker storage or something. But we are not responsible for any matters after shipment at all.
The item was only 1000 yen, but the shipping cost was 10000 yen. Why is it so expensive?
International shipping has nothing to do with an item price. Please be aware of that it is determined by a total weight of your package in advance.
My package was returned to you without reaching me.
Approximate days required for EMS delivery are usually within 7 days to everywhere in all over the world.
If you are away on the first delivery, a shipping slip should be left usually.
If it has been 2 weeks since NOPPIN shipped out your package, please try to search at a tracking site.
If there is any problem, please contact us. We might be able to help you. Please understand that we need to charge you for the shipping again for re-shipping.
If you used a shipping method other than EMS, we are not responsible for any troubles. Also, they might charge you for returning your package back to us. (Not for EMS.)
Could you ship my package without attaching an invoice?
We do not attach an invoice without your request. So you do not need to do anything. Only if you need it, please request us when submitting your packing request.
I used EMS for shipping, but my package came in late. I would like you to refund me for the shipping.
Sorry, but we have no control over shipping. Even if it is late, we cannot refund you for the shipping if you receive your package successfully.
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