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Frequently Asked Questions about Noppin’s services.
Do you accept Money Orders for a payment?
We used to accept Money Orders before. But we have stopped taking it now. That is because we need to go over post office to cash and it takes over an hour.
It is so time consuming.
I won an auction a week ago, but I still cannot make payment. Is it normal?
Based on our policy, we do not ask you to pay for auctions until our payment to sellers is completed.
If they are slow or COD is used as a payment, it is normal to take a week. If it has past 2 weeks, there might be some problems, so please feel free to contact us.
We make an investigation.
Why NOPPIN does not accept Paypal for adult items? I used Paypal at other service.
Paypal prohibits a payment for any adult items except that a merchant in USA ships them inside the country. We follow the rule.
We take credit card for adult items, so please use it.
I have been informed that NOPPIN refunded me because one of the items was out of stock. But I have not received it. Did you refund me for sure?
There are 2 patterns for Paypal refund.

1) When you used the balance in Paypal for the payment:
The money goes back to your Paypal balance right away.

2) When you used your credit card for the payment:
The money goes back to your original funding source. It goes back to your credit card directly if you use a credit card which is registered for Paypal.
In this case, you only get a notice from Paypal, and the Paypal balance stays the same. It takes a few days until the money goes back to your credit card.
This is what your bank and credit card company control, and there is nothing to do with us.
I have kept failing in the payment by Paypal. What is the problem?
If you have 5-digits error code or an error message, please let us know. We make an investigation.
For other cases, you may save your time by contacting Paypal directly at your side.
Do you accept Google Checkout for a payment?
We used to accept Google Checkout back when we were CRESCENT SHOP, but NOPPIN do not accept it. Please choose Paypal or credit card.
Please let us know if you would like to use Moneybookers. You may use it, but we need to transact outside of our system manually.
We do not take Paypal for adult items, so please use credit card for them.
Do you accept Amazon Payment for a payment?
We do not accept Amazon Payment at the time. There is a possibility we accept it when we open to Japanese merchant in near future.
Do you accept Western Union for a payment?
We do not accept Western Union at the time. Seven Bank ((LINK)) is going to open a new service with Western Union in a year.
We will decide if we accept it after due consideration.
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